IoT Trustmark

In 2017, we collaborated with Mozilla Foundation to explore the potential of A Trustmark for IoT (learn more) In the resulting report we identified opportunities to empower consumers to make better decisions about connected products, and to allow the companies that make responsible products to demonstrate that they go the extra mile.

In 2018, we aim to turn this research into action. As a Mozilla Fellow, Peter Bihr will be developing the concept for an open trustmark for IoT, starting with a prototype with a focus on voice-enabled IoT. This work will be performed as part of Mozilla's IoT Fellows program. (Full disclosure: Peter's partner works for Mozilla.) Here's the fellowship announcement on our blog.

Milestone updates

This is a work in progress. We will update this page to share our learnings (and failures!). Here are good starting points to dig deeper (most current up top):

The trustmark in the media

We're happy that the trustmark has been getting some attention in the media and elsewhere online, including the Wall Street Journal and Offscreen Mag:

  • Offscreen Mag. (Issue 19. April 2018)
  • WSJ: IoT Security Push Includes New Mozilla-Funded Open Source Project. Published in the WSJ's Cybersecurity newsletter (11 April 2018, paywalled)
  • Mozilla Internet Health Report 2018 (April 2018).

Upcoming trustmark events

  • Antwerp (8 May): At ThingsCon Salon Antwerp we'll have a workshop to discuss the state of the trustmark concept & gather feedback. More details soon.