ThingsCon Salon Cologne (6 April 2018) Talks

The latest edition of the ThingsCon Salon in Cologne was all about Trust, Cities, and Data in the IoT. It featured to wonderful speakers, an interesting and diverse crowd, and lead of great discussions.

First off was Aline Shakti Franzke, an ethicist and philosophy’s specialized in philosophy of technology. She presented the Data Ethics Decision Aid, an interactive framework and tool for organizations to discover, discuss, and evaluate ethical challenges when dealing with user’s data, and provide quite a few telling insights on its application in the field of smart and connected cities.

After a great discussion around weighting cost and benefits of open and collective decision processes, we went on to the second talk of the night.

Joining us from Zurich we were extremely happy to have Thomas Amberg (@tamberg) with us, a long-time ThingsCon friend and supporter, and a core contributor to the #iotmark, an open certificate for connected products. Thomas shared the history of the #iotmark initiative and of course provide some deep insight into its criteria - from privacy, to security, openness, and reliability of connected services. It was an incredibly packed and very interesting dive into the challenges of making things connected and building businesses on top of that. You can find his slides right over here and watch the talk below.

We are grateful to the wonderful community that joined us, and of course our partner Denkwerk, who helped make this Salon come to life. The next ThignsCon Salon in Cologne will happen in late May, stay tuned and/or follow @jimmiehu to learn when and where exactly.

Simon Höher