ThingsCon Log (22 Jan 2018): World-Sized Robots

Planning for 2018 is in full swing. We don't quite have definite dates for all the upcoming ThingsCon events just yet, but in the first quarter we expect ThingsCon Salons in (at least) Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, and Dublin, with a number more on the horizon. We'll keep you updated! Speaking of which: Shout-out to all local event organizers to let us know the planned dates for your cities! (Just hit reply.)


We're also planning a proper ThingsCon event in Cologne this year. More on that soon!


We've been quietly updating and restructuring the /resources/ section of our website. It's nowhere done and will be an ongoing project for a while to come, so if you have any resources we should absolutely include, please give us a shout. For now, you'll find "external" resources at and our own research and publications at—you guessed it—


Dept of world-sized robots If there's one thing you read this week, you could do a lot worse than Bruce Schneier's Click Here to Kill Everyone. With the Internet of Things, we’re building a world-size robot. How are we going to control it?

Dept of European regulation Not as sexy as giant robots, but maybe just as important: TechCrunch has a pretty solid overview of GDPR, aptly titled "TWF is GDPR". It's interesting (and good!) to see they actually appear to support GDPR, not to oppose. Not all, but lots of it will apply to IoT as well.


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