ThingsCon Log (15 August 2017)

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Copenhagen Tech Fest; New Chapters; Interviewed on Ethical IoT;

We're on a mission to massively increase the footprint of the ThingsCon community with 15 new chapters, including 5 in the global South. Learn more about how it works and get in touch to start your local chapter, right now!


The quiet before the storm: We're currently in the planning phase for fall events. While we still need to confirm most exact dates, we know that...

  • COPENHAGEN will run a first ThingsCon Salon Copenhagen as part of Copenhagen Tech Fest in September (details). Thanks & welcome to the family, Irina Shklovski!
  • Salons are also in the making in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne.
  • We're excited that there are also (as of yet to be confirmed) whispers of new events and chapters in the US, in the UK, Kenya, and the Philippines.

Keep an eye on for details. On that page you'll also find more info on how to get involved and bring ThingsCon to your city. There's also a gCal feed for all ThingsCon events.


Interview on Ethics for IoT:

Markus Andrezak of überproduct kindly invited ThingsCon co-founder Peter Bihr to his excellent podcast Stories Connecting Dots to talk about ethics for the Internet of Things. You can listen to it (and find links to iTunes, RSS feeds and all the other goodness) here.

Our report featured on Wired:

We were very happy and excited recently that our report on the State of Responsible IoT (see below) was featured on WIRED!


Also, a reminder of two recent publications:

  • ThingsCon Report: The State of Responsible IoT We recently released version 1.0, available here. We intend this to become an ongoing project that will grow over time. So if you have something to contribute, please let us know.
  • View Source: Shenzhen, our written documentation about our two recent research trips to the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem, is out, too. This report is part documentation, part Shenzhen handbook, part exploration of opportunities for responsible IoT. Find the report here.

The Human Tech Report

Our global community of experts keeps an eye out for responsible tech so you can have a quick-to-scan overview of what's noteworthy, smoothly delivered to your inbox once a month. To follow along, sign up now, and if you know of initiatives that should be included, please reach out to Max!


In First, Do No Harm: Taming the Gods of the Anthropocene, our friends over at Doteveryone share some great thinking as part of their mission to make technology more responsible. They've certainly been on a roll, so if you don't yet follow Doteveryone on Medium, you're missing out.

The Restart Project's podcast recently turned 5. Congratulations, and enjoy.


Underexposed: Our friends at SimplySecure bring their conference Underexposed to Berlin this fall. The theme this year: Deep Forgetting: Designing for Privacy in a World of Machine Learning. The preliminary program looks ace, with lots of friendly faces, allies and collaborators (including our very own Peter Bihr):

  • Caroline Sinders: UX Design Can Create Transparency for Machine Learning
  • Cennydd Bowles: The Shadows of Data
  • Julia Kloiber + Elisa Lindinger: Biased Machines - Why Diversity in Tech is More Important Than Ever
  • Marcel Schouwenaar: Transparent Charging Station: Because You Have the Right to Know Who’s in Charge
  • Max von Grafenstein: The Meaning of “Design” in Privacy by Design
  • Peter Bihr: Internet of Sneaky Things
  • Sarah Gold + Projects By If: Design and Trust Meetup
  • Yasmina Lopez Lluch: Educating Privacy-Minded Designers

If you're in town, swing by and say hi!


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Have a fantastic week!

On behalf of the whole ThingsCon team,

Your scribe Peter

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