ThingsCon Log (3 July 2017)

Join us in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne and Darmstadt. Today we bring you: Four ThingsCon events over the next two weeks. Two reports. Lots of good reading tipps, and maybe a funding opportunity.


Keep an eye on for details. On that page you'll also find more info on how to get involved and bring ThingsCon to your city. There's also a gCal feed for all ThingsCon events.

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The European Commission has a potentially interesting grant out right now: Cybersecurity PPP: Privacy, Data Protection, Digital Identities. We are pretty sure the ThingsCon community has a lot to offer in this space, especially around data protection and digital identities. We'd love to pitch in, but we're not currently set up to head this kind of proposal. Maybe your organization is in a position to take the lead and is looking for partners on the content side of things? Let's have a chat!


Exploring potentials and challenges of IoT consumer labels. We're digging ever deeper into IoT trustmarks and opportunities in this space. If you have a few minutes, your input would be great to have! Jumo to the survey.


ThingsCon Report: The State of Responsible IoT

We've been working with a bunch of experts from all corners of the ThingsCon community to compile a report on the state of responsible IoT, and how to address the biggest challenges in that space effectively.

We recently released version 1.0. Find it at!

We intend this to become an ongoing project that will grow over time. So if you have something to contribute, please let us know.

View Source: Shenzhen

View Source: Shenzhen, our written documentation about our two recent research trips to the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem, is out, too. This report is part documentation, part Shenzhen handbook, part exploration of opportunities for responsible IoT.

This wouldn't have been possible without our friends over at The Incredible Machine or without the support from the Creative Industry Fund NL, as well as all the help from our local hosts. Thank you!

Find the report at Also, the upcoming round of ThingsCon Salons will premier the video documentary that The Incredible Machine have been producing about our trips!

The human tech report

Our global community of experts keeps an eye out for responsible tech so you can have a quick-to-scan overview of what's noteworthy, smoothly delivered to your inbox once a month. To follow along, sign up now, and if you know of initiatives that should be included, please reach out to Max!


MIT Technology Review: We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans. How do we react to bots? "As I studied how people interacted with the tens of thousands of agents built on our platform, it became clear that humans are far more willing than most people realize to form a relationship with AI software."

NYTimes: The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence. Forget about AI taking over: The challenges of AI on society are much more concrete. "Unlike the Industrial Revolution and the computer revolution, the A.I. revolution is not taking certain jobs (...) and replacing them with other jobs (...). Instead, it is poised to bring about a wide-scale decimation of jobs — mostly lower-paying jobs, but some higher-paying ones, too."

Digital Life Collective. A super fresh initiative in the UK, the Digital Life Collective develops, funds and supports technologies created with only the individual's needs in mind. "We're member funded, member owned, and member operated, for everyone's benefit... digital technologies of, by, and for the people." You can still join as a founding member.


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Have a fantastic week!