Let's start 15 more ThingsCon city chapters!

ThingsCon is a complete community effort driven largely by volunteer work. And that's a feature, not a bug! This community has a seat at the table because lots of us show up when important decisions are made, and when the future of this industry is discussed. The weight of a community in discussions with industry, policy makers, and all the other groups depends largely on its footprint: The more relevant (however you want to measure it) and the more consistent its positions, the more weight it has.

Part of that footprint is the regional distribution and the number of active chapters. Currently, this is what the ThingsCon map looks like:

This map shows where ThingsCon events happened in the past or are currently planned.

This is an impressive map right there—especially considering that ThingsCon has only started spreading in its current iteration in 2016!

So now we'd like to take it to the next level. We know from dozens of conversations that there are lots more cities kind of just bubbling under the surface, with active community members considering taking the leap to host their own event. If you're one of them, now's the time! And there are dozens more cities that we simply don't know about yet. Maybe you're in a city without a ThingsCon Salon? Why not start one now!

We're hoping that by the end of 2017, we'll see 15 new chapters, including 5 in the global South! Combined with the existing chapters, this could easily make for a total of 50 more events just this year!

We can't offer any financial support. But in just about everything else, we can help you get started. It's a fantastic community and starting a chapter is an incredibly rewarding thing to do. We, the founding team, volunteer our own time, too, to host Salons in our current home cities (Berlin, Cologne, and soon Siegen). We wouldn't miss it for anything!

For a first impression, here's a list of what running a ThingsCon Salon entails: thingscon.com/events/getinvolved/. For a list of currently planned events, see the /events page.

Come on board and join the family!