ThingsCon Log (19 June 2017)

We have 2 new reports for you, and 4 ThingsCon events coming up in July! With four events in just one month we're about to hit a new record monthly high. We hope to see you in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, or Darmstadt. Until then, why don't you dig into our two new reports: The State of Responsible IoT & View Source: Shenzhen. EVENT UPDATES

  • ThingsCon Salon Amsterdam: 5 July. Details and registration.
  • ThingsCon Salon Cologne: 8 July. Details and registration.
  • ThingsCon Salon Darmstadt: 13 July. Details soon!
    Our first-time host (and long-time community member) Andrea Krajewski writes: "Der Salon wird im Rahmen der „iF – Interactive Future Exhibition“, der Werkschau der IMD-Studierenden des Mediencampus der Hochschule Darmstadt stattfinden. Die Werkschau läuft vom 12.-14. Juli. Vormittags präsentiert das 4. Semester die im Sommer entstandenen IoT-Projekte. Am Nachmittag gibt es ein Vortrags- und Workshop-Programm."
  • ThingsCon Salon Berlin: 13 July. Details and registration.

Keep an eye on for details. On that page you'll also find more info on how to get involved and bring ThingsCon to your city. There's also a gCal feed for all ThingsCon events.


We've seen the ThingsCon community grow immensely these last couple of years. We'd like to take it even further and broaden the footprint of this fantastic community. This is the best way to really make a difference and help shape the larger discussion around a responsible and human-centric Internet of Things.

If there isn't a ThingsCon event near you yet, why not start one? It's easy! Think about a small meetup every month or two, and then take it from there. We're here to help!

Learn more about how it works and drop us a line!


We've been working with a bunch of experts from all corners of the ThingsCon community to compile a report on the state of responsible IoT, and how to address the biggest challenges in that space effectively.

We just published version 1.0. Find it at!

We intend this to become an ongoing project that will grow over time. So if you have something to contribute, please let us know.

You can find the content on Medium, as a PDF download, as well as on Github (in case you want to go to the source).


Speaking of publications—View Source: Shenzhen is out, too. Remember, we went to Shenzhen to explore opportunities for collaboration between European Internet of Things practitioners and the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem—and how to promote the creation of a responsible Internet of Things.

This report is part documentation, part Shenzhen handbook, part exploration of opportunities for responsible IoT.

This wouldn't have been possible without our friends over at The Incredible Machine or without the support from the Creative Industry Fund NL, as well as all the help from our local hosts. Thank you!

Find the report at


Our global community of experts keeps an eye out for responsible tech so you can have a quick-to-scan overview of what's noteworthy, smoothly delivered to your inbox once a month. Issue #2 just went out. To follow along, sign up now!


For the second time (after 2012), our friends and frequent collaborators Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Usman Haque convened the Open IoT Assembly in London, this time to start the process of creating an IoT mark to make it easier for consumers to make an informed decision about which connected products to invite into their lives.

As a reminder, the 2012 convening drafted the Open IoT Definition—not only did it find its way into the internal guidelines of one of the world's largest electronics manufacturer, as we learned from Bosch Software Innovation VP Stefan Ferber (who participated in both the 2012 and 2017 events). We also noticed that the GDPR resembles the doc we drafted in significant ways. This is an important reminder that decisions are made by those who show up...

Creating an IoT trust mark or consumer label is an important next step. Pitch in by contributing to this collaborative document.


ThingsCon Salon May: Watch Ricardo Brito's and Henrik Chulu's talks from ThingsCon Salon May in this Youtube playlist.

Laura James: Exploring what "responsible technology" means. Over at DotEveryOne, the excellent British charity for digital literacy and inclusion, Laura James shares some thoughts on how to approach the often fuzzy and hard to grasp concept of responsible tech. Something we also think about constantly!

Emma Lilliestam: Open IoT definition—thoughts and suggestions. As a remote contribution to the #IoTMark event in London, Emma Lilliestam explores IoT marks and regulation with a focus on security.

Are we improving our cities at the expense of privacy? How to balance the potential improvements of smarter (or at least more connected) cities with the privacy concerns brought about by feature creep?

Pew Research: The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge: What Are the Implications? (PDF) When Pew Research publishes a new report it's always worth skimming.

Dough Universe: ThingsCon alumni Tech Will Save Us have a new Kickstarter up to help teach kids about electronics with play dough. 15 days left!


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