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We've been writing a newsletter twice a month for quite a while now. So far, this was the easiest way to get a quick-to-read overview of activity across the global ThingsCon network (that is, in addition to following in real-time on Twitter). But not everybody likes newsletters. Hence, we present The ThingsCon Log: The same overview of ThingsCon activities as the newsletter, but right here in your browser. Let us know if it's helpful! Join one of 4 ThingsCon events in July! With four events in just one month we hit a new record monthly high. We hope to see you in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, or Darmstadt. And there's more!



  • ThingsCon Salon Amsterdam: 5 July. Details and registration.
  • ThingsCon Salon Cologne: 8 July. Details and registration.
  • ThingsCon Salon Darmstadt: 13 July. Details soon! Our first-time host (and long-time community member) Andrea Krajewski writes: "Der Salon wird im Rahmen der „iF – Interactive Future Exhibition“ – der Werkschau der IMD-Studierenden des Mediencampus der Hochschule Darmstadt stattfinden. Die Werkschau läuft vom 12.-14. Juli. Vormittags präsentiert das 4. Semester die im Sommer entstandenen IoT-Projekte. Am Nachmittag gibt es ein Vortrags- und Workshop-Programm."
  • ThingsCon Salon Berlin: 13 July. Details and registration.
  • London: The London Salon has been postponed (more details soon). However, as part of our participation in the Open IoT Definition (16 June) by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Dries de Roeck, Max Krüger and Peter Bihr will all be in London. We're thinking about just finding a nice pub to have a chat about all things connected over a refreshing drink on the afternoon before the event (15 June). It'll be a short-notice affair; ping us or keep an eye on Twitter for details!

Keep an eye on for details. On that page you'll also find more info on how to get involved and bring ThingsCon to your city. There's also a gCal feed for all ThingsCon events.

UPCOMING: A ThingsCon Report on The State of Responsible IoT

We've been quietly working with about two dozen community members and experts from all walks of IoT on a report on the state of responsible IoT, and how to address the biggest challenges in that space effectively. We're in the copy-editing phase now and hope to publish the final results in June. Stay tuned!


Our global community of experts keeps an eye out for responsible tech so you can have a quick-to-scan overview of what's noteworthy, smoothly delivered to your inbox once a month. Issue #2 just went out. To follow along, sign up now!


Simon Höher: Process Festival 2017 When he's not wearing his ThingsCon hat, our co-founder Simon also runs .process, an excellent festival about the creational processes around creative, tech and related fields. And .process #2 just happened last weekend! Here Simon shares his impressions.

The Verge: Essential Home is an Amazon Echo competitor that puts privacy first This story about a more privacy-focused smart home hub is practically free of actual concrete announcements, but it certainly is a laudable notion. As the creator of Android, Andy Rubin certainly has the cred to pull off something big. The idea of a more decentralized, secure, and user-controlled smart home technology stack certainly has its appeal—if that is in fact what Essential is planning to build.

Nextgov: FEDS: Internet of Things potential must be weighed against risks A recent report compiled by the Government Business Council interviewed found that federal technology employees are enthusiastic for the concept of IoT—the Homeland Security Department is already investing in wearable devices that can sense the wearer’s vital signs—but argued the public and private sectors must collaborate to protect the network from hacking. Also, federal agencies (especially Homeland Security) already use the Internet of Things... (via Council)

Photos: Thingscon Shenzhen 2017 Frank Korpershoek's photo album from our recent ThingsCon trip to Shenzhen is full of goodness.


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