ThingsCon goes Shenzhen

Our Shenzhen shenanigans are coming together nicely. April will be all about going (back) to Shenzhen and do a deep immersion into the hardware ecosystem that produces most of the world's connected hardware. Only this time it'll be much easier for you to join in on the fun as there'll be a fully organized trip and a full-on conference!

In November 2016, we were part of a small group of allies—including long-time collaborators and friends from the Just Things Foundation and Mozilla's Open IoT Studio—to explore opportunities to promote our mission of fostering the creation of a responsible & human-centric IoT. Now, half a year later, it's time to go back—and bring a bunch more people, and host a bigger community event.

Our Shenzhen collaborator David Li, head of the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL), kindly agreed to work with team Amsterdam to organize a trip that you can join (details below). On top of that, he also took the lead in organizing the very first ThingsCon Shenzhen, which takes place during Shenzhen Industrial Design Week.

Details are still in flux, but are coming together step by step now. Just remember the local Shenzhen wisdom: A week in Shenzhen is like a month anywhere else. In that spirit, here's the current state of our plans:

Shenzhen I: The program for a deep immersion into the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem (April 22-28) is available online. Organized by the Amsterdam team in collaboration with Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, this will be fantastic. Limited seats are available. Learn more at

Shenzhen II: The first ThingsCon Shenzhen (27 April) will happen during the Shenzhen Industrial Design Week (21-29 April), hosted by David Li, head of the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab and a ThingsCon Amsterdam alumnus. A detailed program will be published soon. Topics will revolve around

  1. A responsible & ethical IoT
  2. How to interface with the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem
  3. IoT opportunities for Africa

As always, keep an eye on for details!