Introducing: ThingsCon Berlin 17

img_3539 It’s October time - about the time we get together to plan for next year’s ThingsCon conference, set the outline and let you know what we have in mind to put together. Yet, (and while we teased it already) this time it’s a bit different: We were very much inspired by the discussions, workshops, camps, and sessions we had with many of you over the past months. Thus, we decided to double-down on them and create a way more intimate, personal, and collaborative event for next year.

In a nutshell, ThingsCon Berlin 17 will follow a camp format, a three day break out conference that puts a strong focus on collaborative sessions and ideation, stronger personal ties and discussions and output. We’re thinking a beautiful venue that allows to work, listen, eat, sleep, and hang for about 150 participants.

We will also double-down on the topics we touched on over the past months, especially in our proto-camp about two months ago. That is: a strong focus on understanding the intricacies of a human-centric IoT, it’s implications on our lives and society, and ways to promote it in all kinds of layers, be it business, design, policies, or societal. To that end, we’re again inviting a broad range of professional, ranging from designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and engineers all the way to teachers, artists, and innovators. Accordingly, some of the topics we were looking at included design processes, ethics in the IoT, education, kids, and technology, policy making, security & privacy, the IoT in remerging markets and global contexts, openness and collaboration in hardware, „smart“ cities and public contexts as well as the connected home and the private realm.

In terms of formats, while we would like to have some input in form of talks, we’d treat them more as conversation starters and inspirational ignitions for focused working sessions in smaller teams. These sessions can be workshops, training classes, co-creation and ideation sprints, hands-on prototyping sessions, lectures, collective walks - you name it. Anything goes, as long as it allows for openness some kind of take-away for other participants.

Most importantly, though, while we’ll be taking care of the general set up, the location (still happy about pointers!) and a core program, we are VERY open to your input on how to fill these slots, in advance, but also on site, making it a barcamp-like event with a lot of input by our wonderful network. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have some thing in mind that you’d like to bring to ThingsCon Berlin 17 (there’ll be an actual CfP going out soon) - and as always watch this space for more updates as they come along.

We’re excited and looking forward to have you with us soon!

AnnouncementsSimon Höher