Time to start thinking about core topics for ThingsCon 17!

As we're headed towards fall, it's time to start looking at the programming for ThingsCon 17. Here's a few topics/arenas we're considering: #civictech Tech for the public good, citizen engagement, empowerment, smart cities, etc.

#smartcity How can we design connected cities in service of citizens and administrations?

#connectedhome Data and connectedness are increasingly part of our domestic lives. How to evolve the connected home for better living in the 21st century?

#impact&agency How to put tech, especially the ThingsCon network, to good use for positive social impact? Where's the strongest leverage: Products, policies, people? How can we increase agency in and through technology?

#ethicalbusiness We believe that good ethics mean good business. Let's showcase great examples and found new ones!

Missing one? Let us know on Twitter (#thingscon) or by email!

ps. We'll have news on exact dates and location soon. You might want to pencil in May 31st to June 2nd, but don't book your travel just yet. pps. We're still looking for volunteers to take on some responsibilities in taking ThingsCon to the next level!

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