Help us take ThingsCon to the next level

We constantly aim to evolve ThingsCon. This takes time and effort. As we are largely unfunded, at any time we are somewhere between two and four people, all part-time. There is a limit to how much time we can invest in ThingsCon outside of our other work, but we're excited about it and think it's truly important. In order to take ThingsCon—both the conference and the global community—to the next level, we are looking for hands-on support in some areas:

  • Communications & social media: Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter
  • Funding support: Identify grants and other sources of funding and prepare the paperwork, or support us in doing it
  • Volunteer coordination: Find and coordinate with volunteers leading up to and throughout the event
  • Graphic & web design: Make the event shine through digital graphics, stickers, posters, and support local community hosts with visual assets
  • Other areas might be possible depending on your skills and interests

Given we don't have the resources to pay for full-time work (all of us have been doing this as a matter of passion and without salaries for the last three years), the only way we see this work is by getting a reliable team of people, with minimum overhead. Concretely, this means clear ownership of a set of tasks, a low personal time commitment (we estimate around 4h/week throughout the year, a little more leading up to the event), and high levels of flexibility and autonomy.

We promise we won't waste anyone's time with long meetings or calls, but it requires a reliable commitment to stay on board all the way until ThingsCon 17 (June 2017). It's location-independent: We coordinate online (Slack, Hangout, a task-tracking tool), our team is based mainly in Berlin and Cologne, and we travel a lot. The conference is likely to take place outside of Berlin (but within Europe). So as long as you're ready to work in European time zones, we don't mind where you are, or where you're from. Working primarily in English is a must.

In exchange we can offer being part of—and helping to develop—a fantastic community, the experience and rush of running a kick-ass event, and all the contacts into that scene you might ever need.

We've all been involved voluntarily in events many times, so we know this kind of gig is never a rational decision: Either it's something you're burning to do, or it isn't. For us, it's the former—we hope you'll join us on this ride.

If you're interested, let's have a chat! Ping us via Twitter or via email (info at thingscon dot com) with your interests.