Global community events & mission statement

We've been quiet for a little bit an embarrassingly long time here on this blog. Not for want of news, though, just because we've been busy much like yourself. So what's been happening and - more importantly - what is in the pipeline?  

Mission statement

While we always experiment and iterate event formats and topics, all our activities serve a goal: What happens or doesn't happen is decided based on the question if it contributes towards that goal. Historically, we've done this pretty informally with an you know it when you see it approach. While this has been working well for us, we have been asked (a great many times, indeed) to formulate that goal as that makes it easier for potential collaborators to decide when and how to get in touch. So here's a draft (it's also up on our about page and likely to be polished over time).

This is our motivation, our "problem statement" as well as our theory of change, in other words: why we do what we do and how we intend to do it:

We understand ThingsCon contributing to a movement of practitioners who champion shared values: openness, sharing, diversity & inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration in all things “connected” – from products and services to IoT, from consumer goods to smart cities and more.

Currently in IoT, not all voices are heard equally, and not all services and products are designed in a way that is human-centric and with the public good in mind.

We believe that a network of practitioners working with aligned values can change this. Through networked action, we can make and advocate for technology that is a force for good. Together with you, we can collectively have a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of millions, one product or policy at a time.

If this sounds like your jam, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Global satellite events

We're super happy that there's a whole slew of community events taking place around the globe, with more coming online every week. So far this year we've seen local ThingsCon meetups and salons in Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels; have confirmed upcoming ones in Antwerp, Cologne and Lisbon; and are working with local teams towards events in Shanghai, Milan, Warsaw plus a big conference in Amsterdam. More might be happening.

If you'd like to get involved, have a quick look here, then get in touch!

To stay  up to date, keep an eye on /events and Twitter